Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Lord is Always WITH Us

Email: January 29, 2014

Cool news! Bologna was approved to begin building their new chaple!!!! The chuch bought land years ago, but the city council got mad because they did nothing with the land and the neighbors wanted a park so its getting build and will be noe in 2015...or so they say... I think it will be done alot later than that.....but cool non the less!

Beer is gross! Not refreshing either like the tv makes it seem! On scambio a member gave us some of here non alcoholic beer...gross. Anziano Revoredo loves it though. I could drink it, no problem, but its one of theose things you eat but would never buy for expericance for sure! You can all be sure I will never drink beer! :)

Cool little doctine for you to all read together.
Last verse in Mark (16:20) crossed with Jacob 5: 71-72. Notice how the Lord is working WITH them. The Lord is always  WITH us. Doing the task WITH us, He showed us the perfect example, and yet He is still willing to suffer again WITH us in any task. 

Anziano Edwards
Snow, right before it began to stick...UGH I hate the cold...hahaha

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