Sunday, October 6, 2013

One Year in Italy!!!

Email: October 2, 2013

Italy is treating me very well! I have no free time really as capo zona but the benifits are all worth it! i hear and see so many miracles as we do scambi (exchanges) with each of the district leaders (two of them) and then if we feel the need, with any other companionships. Its fun and great work be able to train, lead, and inspire the members of my zone. Anziano Proctor, my second companion in Vicenza emails me often and gives me great advice to being a great capo zona as he was one too during his mission. Presidente Wolfgramm told me I have one of the best missionaries, refering to Anz. Proctor. And I agree, he was amazing!
The econonmy is still really rough here. Its hard on my seeing the effects it has on people. Back home I never really interacted or saw what could happen with someone who didnt have work or a house. Its rough! Really sad, but cool part is the message of the restoration of the true gople of Chirst is of true happiness. Happiness an joy during this life and sweet happiness that last for the eternities.
Bologna is a great city. I am getting used to the big cities, but still dont like them. It is nice to serve in a ward, but nothing like a ward back home. We have maybe 70 people is a ward. Bologna should be nice in the winter because it has the most covered walkways in the world so I will be out of the snow. It snows quite a bit here too. I strongly disaprove of the cold! haha The people are alot more open here than my past cities so that is a plus! :)
Fun story. So my Permesso di Soggiorno expires Oct. 1st 2013 (what keeps me from being deported back to America). two months ago I received a folder of papers to renew it. The insturctions said to start it at least 6-8 weeks before it expires. The mission office would inform me when they set my appointment. Never got it. I called them each week, and they said they will do it and let me know....never happend....go figure! I guess the office didnt like me and wanted me to get kicked out of the country haha All the paper work was address to the government and city of Vicenza, my first city. So I had to renew it there, but couldnt with out the appointment....well I got trasfered to Bologna and I told them next week I will be illegal in Itlay, so the actualy set my appointment, but it was in Bologna, the city that wasnt written on my official paper work....whoops! their fault! ....hope the fancy government people dont care! haha Well the office over night send some more documents for my appointment, recived them in the morning, I wasnt able to go out and work all morning because I needed to be home when DHL came with my package so I could sign for it. it came I went to my appointment stood inline for 30 min, its worst than the US "post dump"! Left becuase I had my number, bought a gelato and then came back and my number still wasnt even close to being called. So after nearly all day, step one of 4 is complete and my renewal process has begun! Miracle! hahahIn a month I have my second appointment with the real official people who can deny me and not give me permission. But good thing the church has always been polite and always had our paperwork filled ouit inadvance so they like us and always give us permission. :) 

Thanks for all you do for me. I truly feel your prayers and see the Lords hand in this wonderful work. I cant even begin to tell you my love for my savior, for the Italian people and of course for all of you! With all the love I can get into this little email,
Love you TONS!  (I hope that hurt your eyes!) haha
Anziano Edwards :)
The Covered Walkways 
Random picture of me and my collega.It is us taking a picture of this really old window that was like a mirro. Co0l random stuff you find if you walk around a city all day every day

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