Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall is in the Air

Email: October 16, 2013

The weather in Bologna is quite cool. I am glad I am in a suit jacket. It has been raining alot in October, but expected. Always rains in October.
I will be staying as capo zona here in Bologna. my new companion will be Anz. Warnock(he is from up north like bountiful or somthing) He is starting his 12th trasfer so two older than me. He has never been Capo Zona before so I have to basicaly train him in a sense on zone leader stuff. My companion is being trasfered to Trento, up in the northern mountains. He is going to be a "normal" missionary. He is with a young missionary who is starting his 4th trasfer and Anz. Thompson will not be a district leader. He is really excited to not be a leader and be at a slower pace. It will be weird for hom though. There is a big differnce in the speed and everything with being a zone leader. Zone leaders are always thinking about everything and just quick paced. It hard to keep up sometimes.
There were quite a few changes in the Zone, about half the companionships were changed and we are getting some really good missionaries. I am really excited. it is alway a good thing to get some "new blood" in a the zone. New and difernet ideas add to the zone.
It is super crazy for zone leaders. We recived all the travel plans for all the missionaries in our zone and also all those missionaries who were traveling through Bologna or meeting up half way with someone. It is simply crazy! We have to make a billion phone calls, check train times and inform the zone. We also have to correlate with the other zones a bit. Plus we have the current zone members calling and wanting "mission gosiup" and its just anoying, maybe more annoying than the "dumb questions we get during the week. The answer is usualy, use your brain! hahaha. It is super fun though, but quite stessfull. we ere lucky that no missionaries are traveling halfway and staying the night in our apartment because that just creates more chaos.
All is going well here in Bologna. We have found some new investigators and so its not too bad. We are excited and happy and healthy so not much to complain about except it is about winter time and that will mean Anziano Edwards will freeze to death. It was a miracle that I didnt die last winter. hahaha I pray there will be little to no snow. snow....YUCK! 
Love you all as always and pray for you daily!
Con amore,
Anziano Edwards

Email #2 10/16/2013
oh, well I speak more English, but I should be speaking more Italian.
A mission rule is speak English in the apartment and Itlaliano outside. I am not very good at speaking Italian always outside. Inside is 90% English. Only the Africans will speak english with us. 99% of the time we speak Italian on the street. You do meet that random Italian who speaks really good English, but more times that not, my crapy Italian is better than his really crapy English.
I email earlier because in Bologna is just makes more sense to email, then so shoping and return home to put away the groceries then go and wander around and see cool stuff. Before in Udine and Genova, we did shoping, lunch, then did a fun P-day activity then emailed at the end of our p-day. Hope that made sense :)

Picture is of the fix-it job with some packageing tape of the wall socket that wasnt in wall....tape is magic. The only problem is if you pull the plug out, the socket comes out. So as long as you dont mess with it, we did a mighty fine job. We are basically profesionals :) hahaha

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