Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Miracles of English Class and New Life Motto!!!

Email: October 9, 2013

Miracles of English Class! We had a random guy call us and said he wants to come to our English Class! He was looking online for a good english school/class and all the comments online said "dont go here, the Mormons do a free english class" so then he googled "mormons in Bologna" and found the address of the chaple, went there and since the chaple is under consturction there is a paper taped on the door with the bishops phone number and the missionaries number along with the temporary chaples address. He saw that and called us and said he would come with his girlfriend. Sure enough he came! He went upstaris in the church (where there was the institute class) and so they talked with the young adults of the ward for a few minutes then were directed to the room whrere we do English Class. They are super funny, a young couple, and also from the south. Southern Italians talk with such a differnt accent, usually partly in dialect so its easy to pick out people from southen Italy. Anyways I really like their accent, plus, they might me the funniest Itlaians I have ever met! We taught class, then they stayed after and we, (Anziano Money and I, he is one of the presidents assistents. (Abbiamo fatto un scabio con i assistenti la settimana scorsa)) taught them a gosple lesson and answered a buch of their questions. Really good questions too!. The piont is tehy came again to English Class, witha friend, and we stayed after and taught all three another lesson! They are all new investigators! That is a miracle within a miracle because we have gone three weeks without a new investigator! In the past, I have always averaged at least 1 or 2 new investigators weekly. It has been hard to find people to teach for us, but its on the upside now :) Also, they said they have another friend who is interested in learning English too! Do I have a testimony that doing Engish Class will bring new investigators? YES! Miracle! 

I was able to watch both saturday sessons, the preisthood session and Sunday morning sessions of confrence. We watched them at the internnet cafè here in Bologna. The other Anziani traveled to Modena and watched it there. We would have gone too, but we set up lessons between sessions of confrence. 
To say the least, confrence was fantastic! I have pages and pages and pages filled in my journal from confrence. My favorite part was when pres. Monson said that after confrence he is going to write that this has been one of the most memorable and inspiring sessions of confrence. If the Prophet said that, you can bet it was a powerful confrence. Nearly all the talks were focused on missionary work, and that is not just because I am a missionary and everything in the world relates to missionary is so true that the members are vital in growing the Lords kingdom. Missionaries cant do it alone and neither can the members do it alone. We need to work together. A favorite talk of mine was David A. Bednar's talk about tithing, it didnt realate 100%, but the way he did his invite at the end was powerfull, he said that as you and I obey this divine law, we will recieve the besings. He didnt say 'you' or even 'we' he said 'as you and I obey' Cool little thing I picked up. The work is going well. We have new investigators after a few long weeks of dropping investigators, others just not answering their phone, and other little things that happen so we can no longer teach someone. It helps alot if you have a large teaching pool of investigators. Anziano Thompson's girlfriend is serving in LA California Spanish speaking and there is a member in Cal who gave her three referals of her family who lives in Italy. It ends up them living in Bologna! Out of all of Itlay, Bologna! What are the odds! Even more crazy, they all live on the west side of the city, the side my companionship works on! it was crazy odds. The Lord has his hand in this work, I am sure of it. Too many things happen, its more than 'chance'. They were not home when we went to their house, so we will go back agian this week at a different time of day. 
The chruch is true. Miracles every day. I love you all, and dont ever forget that! 

Con anore, il vostro missionario,Anziano Edwards

Follow up from last week:
"100% leagal...maybe not, but I shouldnt get deported back to America.....hahaha. I started the renewal process and my appointment at the Questura di Bologna is at the end of the month, then I will give them a photo of my beautuful face and my prints of my fingers ;) Then maybe a month after that they will give my a new official card aka permesso di soggiorno. We will see, hope all will go well!"
Castello in Centro 
We went to Cento last p-day. Cool little city with a castle and I found where to buy cheap gelato in Italy, go to Cento. I tried a new flavor too, Soy. made from soy milk, it was actualy really good, had a very homemade taste.   
My companion almost killed himself this morning. Electric current will hurt according to Anz. Thompson...hahaha 
I just started to laugh uncontrollably at his stupidity...maybe I am not the nicest Christlike companion. It did numb his arm for a bit Maybe we will get the electrical outlet fixed sometime.....

Motto of Anziano Edwards' Life

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