Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Email: October 30, 2013

Sorry I don't have time today to say much.
I am doing well. Anz. Warnock is a good companion.
Well we are cooking and learning how to be real italians for pday in Ferrara so we are cooking a ragu, pasta by hand, chicken, a roast, bread of course, and dessert. I cant wait to eat in about  15 min.
Cool song is In Chirst by Owl City.
There is Bologna meat here. It is called mortadella. It is super yummy, not like plastic back home.
Grazie per il vosto amore per me!
Anz. Edwards and Anz. Warnock
Making Pasta 
Ready for a "real" Italian meal 
What a "real" Italian meal looks like! One of the best ways to spend a P-Day!
Zone Vision for this transfer. Be SUPERMAN!

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