Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Another Great Week in Italy!

Email: October 23, 2013

Well dont have much time sorry in advance. 
Ilife is good. Anz. warnock is great. so far I love him. He is from Northern Utah and there are just little things that we really relate to each other so that is cool. 
Our zone past trasfer did was one of the best. (there are 10  zones in the mission currently) We are the smallest but had the bst ratios of new investigators, baptismal dates set and baptisms. In the last six weeks, the mission baptized 27 children of God. Super cool! 
To get good shoes for the mission here in Italy, you would be paying over 120 Euro and they wouldnt be as comfortable. I talked with all the other missionaries who have bought some shoes in Italy. They all say shoes in italy are great sunday shoes. Fancy. That is it, not comfortable or really durable, let along waterproof. 
I shouldnt have to pay customs or any fees for the package. I have never heard of anyone ever having to pay for a package. The office sr. couple just scared us all about fees when we first arrived in the mission. 
side note, I started to read the Italain book of mormon in Itlaian and I am in Mosiah now. I just finished it in English yesterday too. The Book of Mormon is true! I know it!
We are starting do do alot of member lessons working with member referals. They make up more than half the the baptisms. Few baptims come from kncoking doors and walking the streets, so its just using your time most effectivly. We also have some pass-bys of past investigators.
I am not getting fat. Just staying the same. 
For p-day we just go and find cool things to take pictures offor every now and again play some sports with the other Anziani. 
I eat well, missionaries cook pasta often, but there are so many types so it doesnt get old. I eat the healthiest by far in the apartment. I always have my salads and a bunch of varried fruits and veggies. 
A typical day is two lessons, maybe three or four if we are lucky. We teach  about 8 differnt less avtice members and we then hav our handful of investigators. On sunday this man just walked to church. he is a new investigator. Plus, he is Italian and knows basically everything and agrees too! He is super cool. i am really excited for him. Crazy part is he studied the life of Joseph Smith and a bunch of other random things about the church, didnt get any anti mormon material and knows more than I do! 
My companion wont let me take a picture of him, so next week you can see what he looks like. :)

Anziano Edwards

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