Saturday, September 28, 2013

Construction in Bologna!

Email: September 25, 2013

Attached is a picture of the Duomo in Centro. Its under construction though. They are redoing the front as it started to fall apart...
Cool story I guess: some catholic leader a billionish years ago wanted to be more powerful than the Pope so he started building his chruch (the Duomo in Bologna) and was making it bigger than the one in Milano. The Pope didnt like that and canceled the building of it and made a rule that no chruch could be bigger than the Duomo in Milano. So the Bologna Duomo never was finished as planned. 

Well this week was great, the missionaries in Ferarra were "white washed" two new elders last trasfer so they had no idea of the investigators or who to get around the city. Both came in blind to the area basically. They had a miracle 2 week baptism! 
The sorelle in Reggio Emilia will baptize this weekend and we shoiuld baptize on the 12th!
Zone leader is fun, its really rewarding too. 

Also, our church is under consturction. they are redoing all the inside. New tile and tearing down a wall to make it bigger, new bathrooms, ect. So we are renting a British Institute, a english school, so we have church in a school right by the train station. We will move into our "new" church by Christmas....or maybe longer...but lets hope not.   

Also, we had to take a missionary to the train station this past week. The Italian who is in my apartment. He has medical problems and had to go home. That was a weird issue. President Dibb called at night right before bed and told us to take him to the train station and get him to Milano the next morning. Super short notice and he had to pack super quick. 
So that left Anziano Cook alone with out a companion so I was in a trio with him. The EXACT SAME trio I was in for a week in Piacenza! Super crazy! Flash back! haha We were in a trio for a few days and Anz. Cook recieved his companion monday afternoon. 

Thanks for all your love and support.

Love Anziano Edwards!

Bologna Duomo

Super old and super small Mini Cooper

Church under construction in Bologna

Remodeling the church building

Inside church reconstruction

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