Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Firenze Cravatte!

Email: November 6, 2013

It is not that cold, its weird. Super sunny and warm. The evenings are cold though. our low is like 7 degrees C.
“la conocenza avra col temp” traslates to 'The knowledge with come with time' Where did you hear that from?

We will be making REAL Itlaian food for sure when I get home. Its easy for the most part too!
Our mission phone is just like dads backberry, but mine is samsung brand. The new phones in the mission are touch screan. We can not access the internet on them. They are not a true 'smart phone' but cool and nice, wasy to use so its good.
Also, alfredo sauce! are you kidding me! That is 500% NOT italian! Gross! Shame shame! bad! It traslates to of the cold sauce! haha
Italy is amazing, and I am great!
Thanks for the love and prays, I will send a bunch your way too!

Anziano Edwards! 
Me in a Frecciarossa Business class
The Anziani I live with.Anz. Miles (closest) and Anz. Hillyard.
Riding in Business Class in a Frecciarossa train to Firenze
I was in Firenze for zone conferece/mission tour so I bought some ties....I couldnt resist! Temptation was too big! hahaha 
This time I only bought bright colored ones! ;)
I bought 17 I think so now in the mission, I 60ish ties...and I am not even sad or worried I have too many!
This is the market where I bought ties in Firenze. the tie shop is way down the street, you cant see it.

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