Thursday, May 30, 2013

Zone Conference

Email: May 29, 2013

I could, its always a possibility, to get transfered June 13, will get a call the Monday before. I say no, because I will likely finish traning Anz. Pagano and I think Udine will get another copia as we one of the only apartments in the mission who has two extra beds and two extra desks, as then since I have been here, I would teach everyone the city and it could be a smooth trasition. Boh, we will see!
My bike sucks, a bolt is missing, it could have been inportant....bit fell of while riding since the roads here are super smooth....or not!
The weather is cold and rainy, The Alps got snow and everyone started freaking out. I guess may is never this cold. I think my fingers are going to fall off in the evenings just like during the winter. I love it! Sorta...Anz. Pagano calls me a sorelle as I say its so cold, I have turned the heat back on for the apartment. All it does is rain, I think its the weirdest thing ever, SO WEIRD! I like living in the desert. Living in the clouds is only cool for about a day. Next week should begin the Italian summer! 100% humitity and always in the 30 degrees! Whoo!
We have warm water! Nearly went a week! A fuse blew, the fix it man was quick and nice. He says were were lucky.
Zone confrnce was great, it was in Verona, combined zone confrence of the mestre zne and the verona zone. We left a day early and stayed the night in Treviso, we all had cold showers because their hot h20 doesnt turn on untill a cirten time in the morning. I was used to cold showers but still heated water up on the stove.

Time to catch a train to Pordenone to do another baptism interview for the Sorelle!


Until next week.
Love you all, work is great. Its the Lords work!
Anziano Edwards

The Church in Pordenone, where District Meetings are
"The apartment in Treviso where we stayed the night when we just traveled to Versone for zone confrence. Like a little venice. :) So pretty!"
The Anziani & William
Anz. Edwards & S.lla Wolfgramm
Anz. Edwards & Presidente Wolfgramm

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