Monday, May 27, 2013

Introducing the new Udine District Leader!

Email: May 1, 2013

Well, transfer calls on monday were a shock to say the least! We were expecting one as I have never even heard of a trainee being with thir trainer for more than two trasfers. Well even though I was really hoping to get out of Udine, even though I really love it, I wanted to see the rest of Italy, and Anziano Tanner is getting trasfered out and I am staying. He is getting Anziano Hymas, who will be starting his 16 trasfer(aka his last) so Anziano Tanner is getting one of the best (I did a scambio(exchange) with Hymas my first trasfer) missionaries. They will be opening up a second companionship in Torino! They are starting at gound zero, neither Hymas or Tanner have even set foot near Torino. They are living in an apartment with Anziano Olson(my group) and an Itlaian. they will have so much fun!
As for me...I will me getting a new companion, when I say new, I mean new, I am training! And to top it all off, I will be district leader! And to add some more exitment, my district will be Udine(obviously!) and Porenone. Pordenone has one companionship of Anziani and they are both leaving and 4 sorelle are comming, and both companionships are training! So I am over 4 sisters, each companionship will be training, WHOO!!!! >Bring it on! I am so scared, nervious but mostly excited and ready to go! I am really excited to stay in Udine as I have become really close to the branch, I love them all and they all love me,amazing success and miracles always-what more can I ask for!? Nothing! Its perfect. THis next trasfer, we should have amazing success! Genova has a man with a date for baptim the 4th of may and he is moving to udine that weekend so we just need to teach him tithing and fasting, get him to church then plan the baptism! We dont really have to do anything, he is a recently retired man who comes to church always and has read nearly the entire Libro di Mormon, accepts everything and loves it all! He has the strongest testimony they say and was just ready for the gosple. Plus he is all Italain!  Also, DaMarisa, the lady from Ruwanda who just walked into church is loving the lessons and best of all the members just take over and do all the work! Our last lesson last week, we invited her to church again and she looked at us like we were stupid and basically said "duh, why wouldnt I !?" Mircale! She came and I all we did for jer at church was at the end ask her what she liked, and set up another appointment with her, the members were always with her the rest of church, The members are amazing!!! member work is key! Also, at the end of chruch, a member, Sorella Trevisan came up to us and said I will see you at 6 on tuesday, we said we cant as that is when we have a lesson with DaMarisa, and she said exactly, that is why I will see you, I am coming to your lesson. Wow, well I dont think there is any easier way to get a member present lesson! She is so cool! Both the member and DaMarisa! Plus, who knows what other success will becoming in the next few weeks during this trasfer. The lord has his hand in this work, it is his work, and I am just his silly little 20 yearold servent doing so little, but with his help, so much comes to pass. La Chiesa di Gesù Cristo dei Santi degli Ultimi Giorni è vero! io lo so!

The pituers are when we went to lunch with William our new convert and he taught us how to make "fufu" and then we all ate together and had one othe the most spiritual lessons I have ever had. The lesson was reteaching him the restoration and a testimony meeting as it was the last time he will see Anz. Tanner. The reason it was so great and spiritua was because of the love I and also anziano tanner have for him. If you love the person, like truly care and love them, the spirit has no choice to be there and to fill the room. I liteally felt another presence in his house. It was the coolest thing ever. I am lucky enough to be with William another 6 or 12 weeks. He will be getting the preisthood this week or next week! So cool!
The fufu was amazing. I have had it before in Vicenza but this was so yummy! It is just like a ball of playdough (potao flakes and flour) and a pepper/tomato soup with chicken, super simple and great tasting. It is so filling, we are so much and we both almost puked! Such a great time.

Picturues got mixed up. the pictue on the stairs is us with Branch President Bressan, the other with our newly released and was amzing branch mission leader(he is hungarian but lived in Itay for like 30 years) Our new branch  mission leader is David, who gets mad if you call him Davide, he was named after the misisonary that baptized his parents so thus his name is americanized, anways he is like 25 and went to London England on his mission and honestly probably was the best missionary ever. We are so lucky to have him as our new mission leader.

Well dont have any time today as we have to go catch a train to Torino, spend the night there, then wake up and get to Milano by 9:30am for my trainer meeting.
Anz. Tanner getting full

Anz. Tanner, Anz. Edwards, Pres. Bressan
Anz. Edwards before "getting full"


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  2. Anziano Edwards!! Well, It is absolutely necessary that I point something out...
    I did serve in the England London SOUTH mission!! Don't get the two mixed up ;)

    Anyway, thanks for your service here! Hope you have a wonderful post-missionary life :D
    P.S: Damaris is STILL doing great in the branch!