Monday, May 27, 2013

Life is Great!!!

Email: May 15, 2013

(Anz. Edwards was able to Skype with his family on Mother's Day! He is looking and doing awesome! Loving Italy and serving the Lord)

Well as you could tell, I a doing great physically, spirtually, and emotionaly, and yeah....IM DOING GREAT!!! I am a missionary of the only true church in ITALY, my beautiful sister is married, my family is blessed, my companion is awesome, we are preparing people for baptism, and the branch (il Ramo di Udine) is super great, I can speak Italian, I havnt crashed on my bike in over a week....yeah life is great. I am blessed beyond beleif, but then I think to myself, well duh! The Lord has always said blessed are the obedient, blessed are the rightous, ect. I can be expecting the blessings, and moe than ever they are comming! WOW!

I am sure the wedding and reception was beautitul, it is the wedding and reception of my AMAZING PERFECT  family! I am so happy and glad I was able to attend and everyone thought it was funny and I was part of a photo shoot ;)

Well Bho, but I think it is spelled boh, (both spellings are correct I think....) but anyways, it meens, like "i dont know" its what you say when some one asks a dumb, or difficult or pointless question, usually you shrug your shoulders too when you say it. It is really common. I say it like literally 20 or 40 times a day! 

continued so I can attach more pictures as I have to attach pictues while typing because public internet points have crapy slow computers.....
Im back!
The pictures are
-Andrea (Andrew in Italiano) it was in one of the catholic churches, no clue what it means there were like 10 of then on the wall with deffernt names....boh! It was cool and fancy so I took a picture
-it rained all day, rather, it poured all day long so we came home in the evening and poured the water out of our shoes and rang all the water out of our clothes....yeah we were was so fun though!
- me in Pordenone(the city that has an air force base and the sorelle) we were walking ot the church for district meeting on monday and we passed 5 trucks with gigantic food in the beds
-Just a cool picture the day before the big rain storm., I should be a professional pohotograher huh!?
-Random picture . It was an old prison back a bajillion years ago. Just in the middle of the city. It was cool I guess.

Pray for Damaris! He will not be making her date for the 25th of May. She needs the prayer so she isnt scared of the future even though she has the strongest faith dispite falling. She also needs the help though prayers so she can keep all of the commandments. This week we met wit here and she really opened up just as we sat and listened with here. We met in the church for a short lesson and stayed for an hour and a half and we just listened, blessing come if you listen with your ears but more importantly with your heart, aka listening with the spirit!

We dropped Martas date as she isnt doing anything with real intent. We are praying to know how to work with her.

Well I love you all and our distric battle cry is Nefi 11:10 COSA DESIDERI? what desireth thou? We are going to work on seeking our oersonal desires as misisonaries and secondly of course, the desires of our investigators by listening with our hearts and asking in the fist lesson simply," what do you desire from us during these lessons?" 

You are all so amazing. I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vi vogio bene!

Anziano Edwards!!!!!

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