Monday, May 27, 2013

Best Mission Ever

Email: May 22, 2013

Well ciao! I honestly dont know what to say....Another week of fantastic missionary work has come and gone here in the best misson ever. Always goes by to quick! I hate it!

Well enjoy our summer and good weather. We have been rainy every day the past week and honestly, I have been cold!

Fun news, I was being obediant and iroing my shirts one morining and the power went out, who would have guessed a little clothes iron would flip the breaker. Fliped it back on and then Anziano Pagano was showering and complained the water wasnt hot...well the waterheater/boiler stoped working. That was Tuesday of last week and it was fixed Monday....those were some cold showers! Woke me up though! I heated up our two big pots of water on the stove, Anz. Pagano wanted to be tough and just suffered though a cold shower.

I got a flat tire yesterday. Anziano Pagano got one today. Being on foot is so much slower!

I ate some gelato. It was like heaven. 

Zone confrence on the 28th, it should be the last time I see Pres. and Sorella Wolfgramm, as they are going home at the end of the trasfer middle of June. So sad, I LOVE them!!! 

The past two mondays was district meeting. The Sorelle said it was fantastic. As district leader I assign who plays the piano and who prays, and a spiritual thought, Then I have to train them and inspire them. My personal touch is always bringing food and snacks, I say that is the most important part of district meeting! haha Sorella Pearce said that I am the most paitient missionary she has met and that I am the best district leader she has had, and she honestly meant it so that made me feel really good. ScambiO, not scambia was great. We have another one this thursday/friday, another next week and then a third one in two weeks. One a week!  I do scambi with gorizia and trieste, the two most eastern cities in the mission, Udine is the third most eastern city. 

Update on Willaim, he got the preisthood two weeks ago and past the sacrament this past sunday! It was such a cool experiance for me! My eyes got a tear, or two, or was so special! I love him!

Well I love you all more than ever, 
Sorry no pictures, forgot my cammera :(

Anziano Edwards

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