Monday, May 27, 2013

Update from Udine

Email: May 8, 2013

District leader is stessfull and I never have personal time, buts thats OK, training is good, not really stresfull you just have to do good stuff be a good example and just tell your new greenie to go and do it. I love it, I just tell him to go and talk to eveyone and I follow around the city and am there to talk if he didnt understand, which is rare as he speakes amazingly, way better then me. His language skills are at where I was at the end of my 3 thransfer, Its fantastic! He is Anziano Pagano, his ancestors are from Southern Italy but his is all American, raised in Colorado springs but from Rio Rancho New Mexico! He is one of the new 18 year olds! In fact the youngest missionary in Italy,ì. He speaks spanish too, but is forgetting it as he uses Italian more. The coolest thing is when ever we are out of the appartment, he only responds to me in Italain, he is alsways SLYing (lingo from the MTC, Speak Your Language). I love him! I about have killed him on the bikes, he is not used to sprinting on bikes though crazy cities all day. He was sore, I just laughed and said you will get used to us. He thinks traffic is crazy and the roads are insane, which is true but you just get used to weeving though traffic and getting hit by cars and what not, the usual. hahah He is awesome, I have been so blessed with not getting 'that one companion' who you just dont get along with, but hey I still have more than a year left.

My responsibilities are a bunch of borring stuff. Every sunday evening I have to call each copia(companionship) and get their weekly number totals and then call the zone leaders so they can report to the assistants. During the week I have to do 'mid week' check up phone calls, at least once, I do it more often. Just make sure the other district members are doing ok, follow up with their goals and give encouragement. Then every week that we dont have a zone meeeing, I have to be incharege of a distric meeting and lastly I have to doscambi(exchanges) with each district member, but since they are sorelle, I just so themwith the other distrct which is Gorizia and Trieste(the two most eastern cities in the mission. Trieste is considered the outcast city...haha. 
As a trainer, I just have to be a good example and tell my newbie to do stuff and tell him how great he is. Simple sufff, basically just keep being a good missionary. Its a lot easier when he speaks really really really good and just has the drive to do everything, plus he has the whole bible and Book of Mormon memorized which is one thing I am awful with. 

There were 14 new anziani and 17 new sorelle!!!!! SO MANY!!!!!! Its fantastic. Every sister in the mission is being trained or is training! There are a buch of third transfer trainers and even two sisters who are training in their second trasfer, so training only after being out in Italy for 6 weeks! Its crazy! In 6 weeks, we have even more comming in! I ,love it! A ,little sad as Udine did not get a second copia, companionship, but in the nest transfer I bet.

Didnt hear about the tornado...maybe nest zone confrence...bho! Was it bad?

The weather is HOT,. I am used and love the hot, but not when it is always 90 or 99% humitity! Its awful but am getting used to it. It has been really stormy this week and also the weekend. I love it. Its a billion times better then doing finding work in the snow, that snow stuff is just too cold! It was awful! I hope I spend my next winter in San Remo! There it isnt cold, just slightly cold where you are glad you are in suit jackets. That will be nice!

The investigator Marta, who has a date for may 25th, but we might drop her this evening as she isnt keeping commitments and doing anything with real intent, just meeting usbecause wer are cool american boys doing god stuff. Anyways, she bought me and ANziano Tanner ties...mine was a really really really really eligant and fancy tie, and anziano tanners was an italian tie, but it was a cheesy cartoon tom and jerry tie. hahaha, we know her favorite missionary.....she always brings us chocolate or some sort of candy or food, or pastry. Its good stuff, but not what we want necessarly. (sorry I cant spell...)

Proof from the bible that italy is the best mission....Hebrews 13:24
D&C is1:30 is really cool, go look it up!

Grazie tanto per tuto ciò che fate per me!
Vi voglio un saco di bene! 

Con tutto l'amore nel mondo,
Anziano Edwards!!!!!!!!!!
New Italy Milan Missionaries 
Random Italian City Street
Anz. Pagano & Anz. Edwards in a park
A random picture of some grapes(its so pretty here now the grapes are growing, and they are eveywhere! Love it!, fun fact, grape jelly doesnt exist here, all grapes are used for wine, not jam)
New Companion (Anz. Pagano) &President and Sister Wolfgramm
A swarm of bees in the middle of centro(main part of the city) They were all swarmed on a random bike, sucks to have that be your bike. Everyone was taking pictures and it was really funny just to watch the people who didnt notice the gigantic swarm and ride their bikes into it. haha, a buch a people nearly crashed as tehy let go of the handel bars and started smacking them and flinging their arms. it was a good p-day activity to say the least, hahaha

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