Monday, June 30, 2014

Getting out of the Rut

Email: June 25, 2014

First me bike story. Yes of course it is fixed. Its basically a new bike. In the past month I have bought a new front and rear wheel and adjusted it all. Oh the joys of a bike mission....hahah! I was riding in centro and for no reason at all I stop dead in my tracks and I do I half flip. My companion was ahead of me and so unfourtuantly he didnt get to see the excitment, but the break pad thing-a-magig broke and went into the spokes and broke a doxen of them and the main damage was caused from the tire guard(the thing that keeps water from sprayin up onto you as you ride. The two rods that attach it, some how got caught in the tire and folded it up into its self. It was fun.....kinda...hahah

This week was really good. We got out of our rut and taught 11 lessons (up from 6-8 lesson mark for the past month) Plus found 4 new investigators, and set 1 baptismal date for aug 2nd, and another accemped the soft baptimal invite and will accempt a date if he recieves and answer!! The biggest miracle was with your less active brother and sister who the sister stopped me on the bus and asked if we were the mormons. They live in Parma so we take a 12 train ride there a few times a week to teach them and a hand full of other members and now investigators. The brother is going to the temple tommorrow until saturday evening witht he ward!!!! He is super excited to say the least. He is fully active,but we are still working with his sister. They are in their 30's and were both baptized at 9 or 10ish years old badk in peru. I love them to death! We had a lesson yesterday with both of them and we took an ex missionary with us to help teach/make friends with the sister so she will be willing to come to church. 

I assume the ward temple trip will be just less than 1/2 the ward so maybe 30, but I am not sure who exactly will be going. The youth are goingn to Madrid Spain in July so oly a few of the youth are going on both ward trips. It is a HUGE sacrafice for them! Few members are able to go ever year. Some wait years to go! 

Fun story. A member from Reggio just left on his mission to London this past week and his parents we freaking out! They were a mess to say the least. So on exchanges, Anziano Berg(DL) and I went to share a spititual thought with them, the mom and dad, only child family. They wanted us to call london to make sure he is ok becuase he never few before, ect. The assistents gave us permission we called the Preston MTC! Not many missionaries can say that! haha He is doing great and is District leader in the MTC and he will be there for 6 weeks becuase the MTC is making him traslate and help the other Italians who dont speak super good english. 

We are fasting with the ward for 30 days to boost the Lord's work. We havent seen a baptism since march and very few people in chuch. It was the bishops idea. So ever day for the next month, a deffernt member is fasting specifically for missionary work and our investigators. Its fun to call and remind the members, call them with miracles and then call to thank them! Best part is the members are more then excited, the LOVE it! 

Two members a man from Croatia and a filipean girl got married and are at the temple as we speak! She was raiased LDS and he was intoduced to the church becuase of her and he was baptized about two years ago! Super cute couple and we had a great wedding party after the entire afternoon that include dana amazing lunch. IT was super super super simple and so I loved it! THe DJ was really lame though...haha. 

I am not being trasfered! Thank goodness! I would be super upset if I was trasfered for my last trasfer! It would be aweful! I am staying with Anziano Espinosa and Anz. Carter is staying too. Anz. Berg, distric leader, is trasfering to Ancona to be with a newish missionary and be district leader there. Anz. Burton, in his 12 trasfer is comming to Reggio to be district leader. 

ps! I will go back to Bologna to pick up my permesso di soggiorno that is now available...the fancy important legal stuff I started back in October......

The Newlyweds

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