Thursday, June 5, 2014

Go Visit the Temple!!!

Email: June 4, 2014

I may be slightly evil to be happy that you were miserable in the hot humidity (of Florida)! Now you have a small taste of how much Italian summers suck as a missionary! 
Recently is has only been in the mid 20's, thats like 70/80s. Its humid, but not too bad.....yet that is....

We have a small teaching pool. Kofi hasnt answered our calls for weeks nor came to church the past month. We have no idea what happened. Is really sad to have such a cool man just disapear. We will keep praying. I know he has a good reason, but it is weird of him not to answer. But better news is other other investigator, rather our only other who makes progress and we can meet, Samuel (Pakistanian) came to church with his girlfriend(a member of two years) and he loved it! He will be baptized in July. He accepts everything without questions. He is just simple prepared! The only thing he really wants, is to go inside the temple. I have never worked with a new convert, let along an investigator that has such a burning desire and goal to make it all the way to the temple. 

Speaking of temples, the ward is going on the yearly temple trip the end of June. The coolest part is seeing all the buzz and excitment of the temple within the members. They sacrifice SO MUCH! Its crazy! They are stunned when I tell them I can see the temple from my house and its 10 minutes away, but yet I never went all that often. Its true, we are blessed so very much to be so close the the temple to do everything we need to do to be together forevrer. I am so blessed to have a family like you. Thanks! Go and visit the temple! 

With all the love in the world,

ANZIANO EDWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Look! I can still spell my name! (Kinda!)
Let's just say that my shirt was greasy! 
A.J. at the Castle
Castle and Beautiful Italy
Art Major = Pointless Major
The painted walls were cool, but I just can't appreciate it. It's just weird.
Fancy art that I didn't understand
Castle Courtyard
Classic Italy!
Full Shot of Castle

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