Sunday, May 18, 2014

Oh Romeo, Romeo.......

Email: May 8, 2014

I will see you all on Sunday! (Mother's Day Skype for the missionaries and their family) Ciao tutti!
Voi siete bravi! vi voglio bene!
Anziano Edwards! 
Enjoy all the pictures. 
This week was one of the best weeks ever. Good work and the best mission confrence, well half of the mission....same thing. You know you are an old missionary when you dont know half of the missionaries at many new faces! Crazy part was they told me they had been her for nearly a year...crazy.

Looking forward to your smiling faces! 
I captured it (lightening) only took about a few hundred pictures to get 
Happy Birthday to Me!!! 1 Kilo of Gelato! (that's 2.2 pounds for us Americans)  Flavors: Biscotti, Strachiatella, and Nutella
La Casa di Giulietta!
Oh Romeo oh Romeo...literature sucks! But I was in Verona so I had to be like all the other billion tourists!
Look! It's me in Verona!
American Pizza according to the Italian Pizza shop next to the house of Romeo and Juliet...gross!
And apparently this is Italian pizza....sad part is I bet 99% of the tourists believe it....and then even eat it!...*Puke!*

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