Monday, May 26, 2014

Amazing Mission!

Email: May 21, 2014

My new companion is Anziano Espinosa. He is from northern California. He has mexican ancestors. His previous city was Modena, litterly 10 min east... He will hit his year mark in a month. He is really good at the language and being creative. We get along well. 

It has been weird having Anziano Finnerty out of the appartment. We all miss him for sure. I am postive that I will never have an appartment, or college room that will be so fun, loving, funny, spontanious, understanding, and overall super spiritual. I loved the past 3 months. I hope the next three months will be similar. 

The new sister in the district is Sorella Jackman or somthing like all know how bad I am with names. ps, a skill I have aquired during my mission is the ability to not remember unimportnat things....but I also forget the names of the misionaries I serve with...hahaha  My district is a very experianced district of older missionaries so I am looking forward to some great things here sooner than later!

Anz. Finnerty did stay the night here monday night as he had to pick up his permesso di soggiorno tues morning at 8:30 so that was a bunch of fun to see him again. He is in the same stake as me so I assume in the next three months there will be a misson confrence or stake confrence to see him again.

Not much has happened over the past few day. Our baptimal date is doing very well and will come to church with his girlfriend who is a member so we are pumped for that! He reads the BOM (Book of Mormon) everyday and even better, understands it all!!! I am so thankful for the BOM being available in nearly ever language in the world! ps, I could never learn Urdu. crazy looking language! 

We had family home evening with our The Elders quorum pres and his family of 4 kids, ages 12-18 on monday then tues. evening, we had FHE with our ward mission leader and his family of two young boys ages 6, 8. IT was a blast! Super spiritual too! This friday we are having FHE in Parma with a newly retired husband and wife with a less active Peruvian brother and sister! FHE rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you all tons and tons. I miss you daily and always pray for you all! My mission is amazing. I love Itlay and all the people here. 

With all the love from Italy, 
love, Anziano Edwards! 

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