Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mother's Day Skype Session

Missionaries are allowed to talk with their family only twice a year -once at Christmas and again on Mother's Day. We are lucky enough to be able to Skype with A.J. instead of just a telephone call. This was the last time that we will talking with A.J. as a missionary (back to the weekly emails) because he is coming home the beginning of August!!!!!

A.J. is happy as ever and absolutely loving Italy and everything about it -the people, the language, the food (particularly pizza and gelato at the moment), the missionary work, the country, his companion and other Elders he lives and serves with, and on and on and on......He is excited to be coming back home to Utah, but will definitely miss Italy and being a missionary. He can't wait to show everyone all of his pictures and tell all of his stories face to face. The personality and sense of humor has not changed or gone away one bit!!! He says that the mission hasn't changed who it is, just improved him as a person and made him "a better me!"
He ended by bearing his testimony in Italian and though as a family we couldn't understand all of it/most of it, the Spirit was still felt strongly and his love for this Church and gospel is intense!

Faces of A.J.-

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