Sunday, May 18, 2014

Always Do Something Fun! - Ferrari Factory

Email: May 14, 2014

Well my favorite companion will be leaving tomorrow morning....Anziano Finnerty is being transfered way north to Trento! His companion is fairly new, will hit his year mark in a few months, basically one year behind me in the mission. He is nervous but excited. I have seen Trento once when I traveled there to get his permesso di soggiorno, it is super pretty, a good summer city too! 

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures I sent home. Today was so much fun. The other three Anziani are amazing! The other Anziani are staying in Reggio for a third transfer together. I am no longer district leader! Whooo!!!!!! hahaha It will be a good change of pace and honestly a bit weird..I have had missionary leadership since my 4th trasfer...last Feb! Anz. Berg entering his 9th trasfer will be our district leader. We are getting a new zone leader too, his name is Anz. Miller or somthing like that...dont remember...hahaha what's new?!

Glad as always to hear how happy and healthy you all are!!! Give grandpa a hug for me!, tell him how much I love him!

I am super excited for the next three months, my new goal is to write in my journal, I was so good at it before comming to Reggio....maybe having the three coolest elders was a bad thing...hahaha 

As you know, I love you all. My mission means so much to me. Italian is awesome, so is the food and the people! I cant even begin to express how excited I am for everything currently and for the future!

Love you all and go and do something fun and new and of course I will do the same!  

Anziano Edwards!!!!!
Our family away from our family. The Reggio Emilia missionaries with Fratello and Sorella Danso. He is our ward mission leader in Reggio and his wife makes amazing banana bread. Love 'em to death!
My favorite! But a close battle with the 4-seater! 
The 4-Seater!
Ferrari :)
MTC Mission Group
Ferrari Racing Team

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