Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Incredible Missionary Members!!!

Email: March 5, 2014

Well this week was great! I went to Bologna on Thursday for a zone leader/district leader/sister training meeting. My companion stayed in Reggio and worked in a trio. Learned a bunch about how to be a better leader in the mission and how Pres. Dibb is directing the mission. 

We had a fantastic day at church, our companionship had 3 investigatiors in church, and one was his first time. The members here are INCREDABLE! I have never seen such missionary minded members ever! The first 10 minutes of Preisthood is for us Anziani to set up lessons to visit members and also to schedule member pressent lessons with all of our investigators. Huge success! 

On p day we went to Parma,, they make amazing cheese! Parmigiano Reggiano! We went to this old museam of old Italian stuff. I took so amny pictures so when I get home you can see all of them. Some are a little weird. I feel like "art" is somethimes just a bunch of naked paintings and statues...its kind a really akward. But cool none the less. I guess...

Anz. Finnerty and I went to Milano on Tuesday after ebing aon scambio with the Zone leaders in Modena. I stayed in Reggio, and Finnerty went to Modena. In milano, we had the "new mission ary meeting". We learned all the basics on life in the Italy Milan Mission. Good refresher for me. We caught a train at 8 in the morning and arrived back home at 8.30. Train times did not work out inour favor...but worth it. Pres. is such an inspired man! I cant put it any other way. Incedable.

Baptism this saturday! I will be sure to send home some pictures!

I saw Anziano and Sorella Mackey again, the sr. couple in grandma and grandpas ward becuase they inspected out appartment earlier today. Tell grandpa hello in thier behalf. 

Well have a fantastic week!
I love you all tons and tons!

Anziano Edwards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! baci!
The Museum/Stage/Colesseum thingy...yeah... Gotta love Italy even if you don't understand why art and old things are famous! ;)
Fancy Art Stuff 
Mostra stradale e il piano do salvezza
EVERYONE teaching someone! The members and missionaries!
(A.J.'s Favorite Picture)
Mostra di nuovo (reattachment of picture from this post

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