Thursday, February 20, 2014

All You Can Eat Gelato! And Transfers?

Email: February 19, 2014

Well I am indeed being Reggio Emilia!!! I will be district leader there and also will be training! AGH!!!!!! I might be a little freaked out. So last trasfer there was one anziani companionship, and both of them are being trasfered away, so they are being replaced by two random youngish missionaries whom I dont know...and my greenie and I will be opening a second companionship there. So there will be 4 Anziani who have NO CLUE what were are doing in this city or how to navigate it, the members or the investigators ect.....lets hope for the best! Really! Oh, there is one companionship of sisters in Reggio Emilia so they will be able to help us a bit, hopefully...haha Pray for me! :)

Today for p-day we went to Ferrara and played soccer with other missionaries in our zone, it was 5 vs 5 so that was fun, I still think soccer is a boring sport, rather, boring past time or hobby ;) After, a member there, fed all 10 hungry missionaries! We had pasta al forno, slame, foccacia, bread stick things, and a pie/cake(dolce). SO GOOD!!!

This week was simple, nothing really happened. Our investigator gave me a nice italian shirt and tie as a good-by/thanks present which was really cool and kind of him.

We also went to Vicenza for p-day and did a scambio with one of the companionships there. I was with Anziano Pagano which was really fun. We taught a member referal ans she is ELECT! Holy crap! I have never had anyone ask so many perfect answers, which, we were able to respond to all of them simply and she loved the book of mormon, the family:a proclamation to the word, and also the restoration pamphlet. She takes church material and truly studies it, more than just reads it! She may be better then myself!!

Well have a fantastic week and I love you all!

Ciao tutti!
Anziano Edwards

Some of the pictures sent home this week are experiencing difficulties. Hopefully A.J. will be able to resend them next week and I can fix it. But for now enjoy them and use your imagination ;)
Us with a member when we paid 4 Euros each and had all you can eat gelato!!! We were all sick after, but it was worth it! It was a Valentine's special at the best gelato in Bologna. They are ranked in the top 10 in Italy! It's named Gelatera Gianni. We also met the owner himself, Gianni!
This Fratello might be the coolest member ever! 
My favorite English Class. I was so sad to tell them good-bye! I honestly LOVE Bologna with all my heart! I hate to leave! 
You don't see this driving in Italy...that is unless you are in "Little America" aka Vicenza Italy :) 
YUM!!! At the American Military Base
We drew the Plan of Salvation with street chalk as a new finding activity. SUCCESS! We had members too! SO much fun. The children "helped" us draw and we taught the parents about The Plan of Salvation with a gigantic visual aid all over the street :) Maybe the funnest things I have done! We received a bunch of potentials and even had full lessons with prayers on the street, right in the middle of the city on the weekend! :D
Street Display
Mostra di nuovo...Street display at the end of the night with all the children's artwork. Can you identify the Plan of Salvation parts vs the children's drawings ;)

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