Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring is Here!

Email: March 19, 2014

Well this past week had been fantastic! Out apartment is full of the best people on the planet! I love them all and we have SO much fun adn maybe eat way too much pizza....but you only live in Italy as a missionary once right?! haha

We ride bikes here or just walk. The city is small, so we only use the bikes when its more than a 20 min or so walk. 

The weather is getting warm. Everything is blooming and I wish I could wear shorts. The evenings are all ways cool and jacket or sweater weather. I like it. Perfect weather for missionary work, if it gets much hotter.....well lets say its not going to be fun. I am scared of the summer. I know it will be incedably hot and dry here in Reggio Emilia.....40 plus degrees with no ocean breeze like I had last summer in Genova. I will keep you updated of how misserably hot it gets!

This past week we had ANOTHER baptism! His name was Stanley! I had the blessing to interview him and he KNOWS this is the true church! Mamma mia! He has such a great heart and willing to follow Christ. Picture next week. Baptims, or not, I am just so happy to know of the fullnessof Christ's Gosple and even happier when others find out the same for themselfs! Che grande! Sono contento. 

Monday I spent the day in Piacenza on scambio. City sound fammiliar? That was my second city in the mission, but was only 7 days. Good to relive my past city :) I was with Anziano Mendoza who is Santa Domingo blood, but born and raised in Udine! When I was in Udine last year, he recived his call to Uraguay. but is stuck in Italy for a few more weeks becuase of Visa problems. It iwas fun to speak 100% italian all day long. Learned alot from him, in missionary work and of course the language. 

The two investigators we have, one hasnt talked to us for a week, found out he went to the that was a bit scarry. and the other one is moving to London(he is Italian) in a few weeks. They are both some of the most prepared  childen on God. The one moving to London, is the perfect example of meekness and eager to learn more! He is bringing his friend to church this sunday too! 

Thomas, new convert, is doing fantastic and loving church. He got glasses and can now read the BOM a lot easier. We are goingto begin teaching his friends and sending his family info to Ghana as referals! 

sorry I suck at emails latley....I will try to add some stories next week. There are so many, funny and spiritual and everywhre in between! I LOVE my mission and cant belive its almost done. My companion reminds me constantly saying "do you realize this is your last March 19th in the mission?" Yeah I might just kill him...haha jk.

With love, your favorite!

Anziano Edwards
Ciao Tutti! 
We ate this. We all about died. 99% who would've guessed...
Anziano Finnerty and I the first time we met in Milano!

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