Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pizza Makes Life Great!!

Email: March 12, 2014

Life is great, I honestly am loving Reggio and my appartment. Anz. Bert, Carter and Finnerty are all fantastic missionaries and great to live with. We eat pizza too often...its so good and the pizzeria loves the missionaries becuase we order pizza is great!

Thomas. What more can I say, another amazing man from Ghana. He is humble and a really funny guy and just happens to be the newest member of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints here in Reggio Emilia! The baptsim as flawless. Just wonderful. Simple and beautiful. The baptimal font was huge! I havent seen one this big in a long time! It was a temporary style one, but big. Anyways, I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost, S.lla Jones gave the other talk on baptims. His member friends, baptized him and confermed him on sunday. Afer church he was given the preisthood too! So fantastic. Bishop Carrus, who is one of the most dedicated and most spiritual men I have ever met is truly happy and greatful for Thomas, he already is an active member and add so much the this fantastic ward! I feel like I am on the clouds! We have good work, not a large teaching pool but the members are awesome. A mission goal is to be in members homes 4 times a week. Family home evening, a short passby lesson or teaching an investigator in a members home all count. Anyways, the first 10 minutes of preisthood is dedicated for us missionaries to get members to all of our appointments and set up member visits. I have never had such a on the ball ward or branch. The members here are so strong. No wonder why Reggio Emilia was the highest baptizing unit (ward/branch) in the mission last year! These members have humbled themselfs, repented, and support one another and to the Lord sees that and is more than willing to bless their lives. So many incredible members and even better testimonies from them. I hope I stay here until Aug! 

Cool thought from Bishop Carrus that I never thought of. Home teaching prepares you for your mission. 

Anyways, of course I love you all!
Statemi bene!

Anziano Edwards
Il mio collega!! 
Thomas' Baptism

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