Friday, December 6, 2013

Positivity and Trust in God

Email: December 4, 2013

Trasfers were nuts! Bologna was indeed a "hub" and missionaries are somtimes the dumbest people in the world! Everyone was told their travel plans and som way they were all was nuts! People getting on wrong trains, missing thier train, leaving with out their travel buddies, ect. Crazy. But the blessing came, everyone made it to there cities and there new companion...eventualy......after angry assistents and zone leaders. :) 

The sorelle arrived, Sorella Nelson and Sorella Baird. So now all missionaries in Bologna are from Utah! Woot woot! There are truly great sorelle and  wont cause me head aches! 

We missed thanksgiving dinner becuase of trasfers but we had a make-up dinner just for the missionaries on saturday. It was the size of a normal meal so nothing like back home. The members tried their best to make it feel like family and home so we were are super grateful. I had some trukey, corn(of course!), mashed potaoes, rolls, and a slice of pumpkin pie(made from scratch!). Good food, but just not American. It iwas a great time though. We were with the Palmieri Family, American wife, Itlaian Husband, who were married ing SLC but moved to Italy a while ago. Thay all speak English, the father suprizingly well. 

Sadly we did not get a car :( Consiglio della missione was super fun. Some info I can leak out so start some roomers is we will get ipads next june and we are getting nice street displays of family search for the mission, if members make profiles, we can have gigantic adds in train stations, bill boards, subways, ect sooner than later, and a bunch of exciting ways to start the "new age" of technology in the Lord's work. 

Its cold, but we dont get snow! haha I am SO greatful it is a mild winter...I am just afraid it will last for ever....its not to terribly cold, like 7 degrees . Maybe at night we will hit freezing, but I am inside so that is fine by me!

pres. Dibb is keeping people in cities longet than Wolfgramm did. The Anz. In Ferrara are doing 4 trasfers togeother as a trainer with his trainee....too long!

This was a better week, we still sucked at teaching lessons but that is all right. I have made a new view on eveything, positivity and trust in God. I feel that I was missing those two in my life. I am truly better now. The ward is better and all freaking out becuase we have sorelle here in Bologna, its good here in Bologna. 

Anziano Edwards! 


Along the way the hike of San Luca

The View (looks like the Tuscany Hills)
standing the the dome part..right after I touched some electrical wires that were live....that was a REALLY powerful shock of worries, I am still living. It just game me a bit of a jump start...hahaha
Just finding my inner peace
The end place of San Luca

my district last trasfer :) 
Dont try to figure out one is with their companion....we were all slightly confused...hahah 

The Bologna Zone last transfer :)

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