Friday, December 13, 2013

Italy Warmer than Home?

Email: December 11, 2013

Ok so this email will probaly be super confusing and quite random...sorry in advance... 

Some cool quotes form President Dibb "It is not a social club, it is a missionary force" and he also shared with us in the mission leader confrence back on the 3rd, by Neil A Maxwell. He said somthing along the lines of "you do not have to unload the whole lead of hay at one tim" I loved it!

Random thing that has been on my mind a bit is children, maybe its becuase of thankgiving and chirstmas, but I have realized how fun and grat it is to play with kids. I miss screaming and being nuts in gradmas basement with all the little cusins. Families are SO AWESOME! I miss them all.

We have a zone confrence this friday all the way in Pordenone! We will be sleeping in Meste thursday night. It is there becuase mission confrences are now divided up my zones wich are now aliged with Italian Stakes and member districts. Bologna is in the Venezia (Venice) Stake. This stake is comprised of the Bologna zone and the Venizia Zone. Our stake has two mission zones, the Verona Zone has 3, milano 2, Allesandria 2, the others only have one zone becuase thay are smaller or still a member district. Anyways, it should be super fun and exciting. Thanks to the new idea of teh assistents, us zone leaders are now in charge of it, but that will be fun. For the last 30 min of the confrence it is the chirstmas part....Pres. Dibb isnt as big of a fan of Chirstmas was were the Wolfgramms...

We had a lunch with Vescovo(bishop) Sereno becuae it was part of their family mission plan we established with them. They decided that their family would bring 5 non members and our companionship would bring 10 investigators and we would have a lunch together...tehy brought 2 and we brought 0 becuase he was called into work art the last minute, but is was great anyways! He made us a lasagna and a billion other amazing Italian dishes!  Great success even it is wasnt a big crowd.

We will be doing a mostra in Centro (a street dispaly in town center) next week and we will do it for a few weeks! Pictures and success stories will come! We are super excited!

I cant belive it was that cold and it snowed in STG! CRAZY stuff!!!

That new convert I did her baptimal interview and I have never met anyone more ready and fully converted unto the Lord.

Attached is a picture of me pointing to our appartment in Bologna. In centro, we found a big picture, sky view, of Bologna. It is supposed to be like the cheesy picture we all take in the MTC of pointing to our mission on the wold map...Enjoy!

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