Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Buon Natale! (almost)

Email: December 18, 2013

Well honestly it is not cold here....well its cold, but NOTHING LIKE LAST YEAR! I nearly froze to death each day, here, with a sweater, it feels good, the evenings and nights are cold though. It must get to 0 degrees C at night becuase I have seen frost on the grass, but never on the cars. I hope it stays like this!

I still cant believe STG got that much snow!

In the store the other day I saw the worlds first curved was expensive, like 8,000 euro expensive! Really cool though!

We have our chapel back! WHOOO!!! Its super nice now! We had a party after church because a young man Beniamino is leaving for the MTC for his mission in Rome. We ate some super tasty food! Some real lasagna! Bologna is famous for its rag├╣ and lasagna! YUMM!!! I will talk a picture of it and send it home it I ever remember....slim chance!

I will be in Milano for mission council on the 31st, so I will get mail then. THANKS SO MUCH!!!


Love you favorite missionary!

Anziano Edwards!

Buon Natale! 
It's me with the Christmas Tree in Centro di Bologna!
Buon Natale! 
Goody New Shoes! Old vs. New
My Shoes! Old and New...they were greatly welcomed!

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