Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Worn Out Shoes

Email: August 28, 2013

Well nothing much to tell you this week...

First, all the Italians are on vacation so we teach very few lessons so that is hard.

Second, I ate the most food in my life and gained about 10 lbs in one day! We had a member lunch, then out less active in the evening surprised us with a full dinner, then an investigator bought us each a pizza....too much food! All was amazing and tasty but I felt 100% sick! i weighed 141 lbs! New life rec ord. I am now back to normal at 132ish.

Third, my shoes are falling apart at the heels, like the inside part. Its not my fault as I use my shoe horn everytime. Are my shoes life time warenty or anything. They dont give me blisters but yet they bug me. 

Last, I love you all! On Monday or Tuesday I will get transfer calls to see if anyone is leaving. I think I will stay in Genova with Anziano Gainer as district leader for one more and Anziano Gibbons will stay zone leader, Anziano Hatch will by flying back to America next week! He is not trunky at all so it is really good. We will see!

Ciao tutti

Con l'amore, Anziano Edwards! 
the picture is of the yacht of Steve Jobs. I don't know who owns it now though, but all the youth were all talking about it in church.) It's really ugly.....

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