Sunday, August 18, 2013

Miracles of Missionary Work!

Email: August 14, 2013

Well here in Italy, we will get all the fancy new technology in the middle of 2014.....we will see....Presidente Dibb said it would be before July 2014. So that means I will be able to use the tablets for at least a month of my mission. Cool stuff. 
"How is the new sling backpack working?" What do you mean "sling bag" it is a shoulder bag! And I LOVE it! I wish I had one rather than my backpack. It is really nice. You just have to be carfeul because is you just wear it on one shoulder you start to look like the Testimoni di dont want that to happen as we are already mistaked as them as it is. 

Well last week for P day we went to a big light house. It was fun. (attached is a picture of my comp and I) Not sure what else I can say....haha
I will email a bunch of pictures home this week too.

Miracles of missionary work! 
We had a canceled appointment and so we had one more hour left in the evening and Anziano Gibbons suggested we do a pass-by of a less active member. We decided why not even though we had some strada finding work planned. We passed by and he was home. It was one of the most spiritual lessons on my entire mission. It was his birthday and he felt all alone. he only had a handful of friends and even family members tell him a simple "happy Birthday" We sat down and he said he was super tired, that is true as he works from like 4 am to 7 at night with no breaks. My companion shared a scripture that he studied that morning. The scripture was PERFECT for this him. We left and all he could do is just thank us with tears in his eyes. I sent him a text message that evening thanking him adn said simething like thanks, happy birthday, we love you, keep on going, ect.. The next day, Saturday, he called and expressed he wants to try to come back to church! Sunday came and he wast there :( We passed by again on tuesday as we were in the area and we gave him a super simple hand made birthday card, that Anziano tGainer made. This less active, in the sense of he hasnt been to church in months, said he couldnt come because he was called into work at the last minute but is still thinking of coming sometime. he wont commit to comming, but says he will try sometime soon. He is awesome! MIRACLE!!! 

Not much else happened this week. 

On tuesday I get to travel to Milano for a "specialized training meeting" just for district leaders...sounds super fancy hahaha. This meeting is a new Presidente Dibb thing. Caio!  

Well it is pouring rain so yeah. Well I love you all, Good luck with school you kids. ps, dont fail or I will make fun of you for ever hahaha just kidding! but really... 

Well  from ,l and remember to give a bunch of  to everyone for me!


Anziano Edwards
The Light House
The Tower di Nuovo
A ship anchor!
Companions at the light house
Look who got a new watch!!!
My Casio!!!! Happy am I hahaha, but really!
My collega climbing the tower because the gate was locked and he really wanted to get inside...he made it up about 10 feet...haha.

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