Thursday, September 5, 2013

Capo Zona

Email: September 4, 2013

Why are the temples so exquisite/fancy inside?; kind of depicts worldliness and boasting. Because the Lord said to use the best material for his holy house. It is respect to the Lord. Would you want to put an old dirty couch into the Lords house? No. Our church is not a worldly church, we are the ture church with the authority, but obviously we are not going to dirty and such. Our chaples are nice and not exquisite, just simple nice and clean, how the lord would want it. My thoughts are that the Lord or God would not appear to anyone  unless is is a consecrated place prepared the Him. Other churches are very fancy on the insides and often times the outsides....I have seen many of them. They are really nice but they are statues and pictures of other people to be warshiped to  other than God himself. We need to remember our nature to God and his Son, our Savior. If we do this, we will know that we need to obey HIm and understand they His house doesnt need to be suepr fancy, just nice. The temple to me is nice, its not over the top and not worldly at all. Clean and simple, and beauty all around. Hope that made sense :)
I have never seen corn on the cob in Italy.  My favorite veggie here is all of them! Nothing has changed. I do miss corn on the boc ALOT! Anziano Gainer will only eat corn if it was on the cob, so when I cooked lunch with canned corn, there was more for me! haha
Well transfers, or as I know them as trasferimenti, I am getting transfered :( I will be going to Bologna to be with Anziano Thompson (the same Anziano that I was with in Piacenza for 1 week in a trio. Anziano Cook, who was also in my trio will be living the the same appartmemt! :) I knew I would see them again, Anziano Cook told me I would be his leader in the near future. 
Well to get to the good stuff, I am going to be CAPO ZONA! or maybe you would understand, ZONE LEADER! Yeah no jokes! Zone leader in my 9th trasfer! Scary, exciting, fun, nervous, yeah everything. I am ready and willing to go. 
Funny part of trasfers is we get called on Monday morning if you are a zone leader, district leader or training and we didnt get a call so we were really confused. Then the assistents called us at 8 at night! and told us sorry as they gave presidente Dibb the list to call the zone leaders and district leaders and they forgot to put my name on the list! So I was supposed to get a call from Presidente Dibb, but the assistents messed up. 
It was such a supprize! I would have never guessed to go zone leader so young in the mission! My trainer is also a zone leader so I will get to see him the first of every month as we have mission council with all zone leaders and president and the financial mission couple. Exciting stuff! I will let you know if I die because of all the stress and stuff to do. It will be really exciting.
Also, in the apartment, there is a native Italain being trained so that will be a realy help for the language. 
Well have a great week, I love you all!
-Anziano Capo Zona Edwards

The mafia....hahah funny you ask. Honestly I dont know much about it, there are all sorts of misisonary stories that flote around, usualy about how the Rome mission does stuff wrong and they are all apostate. They one story I have is there was a companionship whe went out in the moring to find they car was stolen. They went back inside and their neighbor was leaving the appartment building at the same time and asked how they were doing, which led to them telling their car was stolen. This man said, come back in three hours at lunch time, smiles, and walks away as he knew the missionaries were of the Mormon church. This man was part of the mafia and had the missionaries car back and even washed and cleaned by lunch.
I dont really beleve the story, but hey, its cool I guess.
I do know the mafia likes the mormon church because they are not part of the government or the catholic church. So the story makes sence. The Mafia is scary but actualy really like and respect the LDS church, so as missionaries we dont worry about them at all. Plus, the Mafia is basicaly 99% down in the Rome mission.

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