Sunday, August 11, 2013

Meaning of BUSY

Email: July 24, 2013

Well I left Udine and the next week, Damaris was able to enter the waters of baptism! She is so amazing and spiritual! She is the one who walked into the church after the baptism of William. 

Also, Udine has two dates for baptism and will set a third. 
Udine just got sent a second companionship, so there is now 4 anziani in Udine.

This week was a lot better, I am super happy.
havent heard that the misison boundries are changing....

I am not getting trasfered. I am staying district leader and Anz. Smith is the only one getting trasfered in my district. He is going to open the second companionship in Udine! And he will be training!!!! He is super lucky to get Udine! He is a little nervous but excited, I have told him everything he needs to know about Udine already, so it wont be new for him! haha
Learned a cool thing in church about the meaning of  "busy!"

I am leaning Napolitano (along with my spanish). It is the dialect from napoli in the south. We have one old member who is from Napoli and I can never understand him, Naoplitano is like speaking in Italian but never finishing your words. It is realy angry sounding too, its really funny because Anziano Hatch learned a few words and uses them when he meats people from Napoli on the streets and then they stary speaking dialect to him and then he doesnt understand anything....hahaha

Well all I want to do is ride a jet ski and go swimming in the ocean, it is SO hot and HUMID here! The work is great though! 

Damaris Baptism
Damaris Baptism 
A little 8 year old girl got baptized, Chiara Kafel, her older brother just got back from the rome mission a few months ago.
For district meeting, we got permission to have lunch with the Sorelle in the church, so we made argentian sandwiches that were super yummy! 
We went bowling with all the Anziani in Genova I took third. It is super cheap here!
The light up balloons I got in my package from my BG friends! That was a fun night!  
Cinque Terre(ps, there were SO many not Italians there, all from Germany and England, we met a couple from Provo too)
Anziano Smith and I, our last full day together :(    (we are at the train station in Cinque Terre)
A new 5.0 GT mustang I saw a few weeks ago, all the Italians were looking at it and were in love with it. I was too! haha A beautiful car!
Anz, Gibbons and I at Cinque Terre today on Pday (zone leader)
The Ocean at Cinque Terre :) BEAUTIFUL!
Cinque Terre! We went to the 5th stop, it is called Riomaggiore
Riomaggiore. it was a blast! 

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