Thursday, June 27, 2013

"What Desireth You All?"

Email: June 26, 2013

Genova raelly is beautiful, just a big city which I dont like much, but hopefully it will grow on my. Working in a ward is nice too, well not like a utah ward, we have maybe 90 people every sunday. Iits nice as it it not hot, well compared to the other mission cities. Sucks to serve nella missione Italiana do Roma! Its like a biillion degrees of hottness down there! Genova looks WAY different than what I am used to though, all my other cites were deffiantly influenced by eastern Euopean culture and archatecture. (ps, sorry my spelling sucks, the Italian has just made it worse....)

Well when Anziano Russel M Nelson came and I was able to go as he came to my zone, he talked about the basics and strethening the local members through doing the simple things. Then he mentioned missionary work and basicaly called all the members out for not doing their part. It was cool, all us missionaries just nodded our heads in a greement. But about the technology....we are not so lucky as Other missions. No ipads for us, as of now, future, who knows! He also mentioned that the Lords work is still being done in the 20th century way and there are going to be some excited changes in missionaray work to make everyone in the 21 century. He left it at that and he wouldnt tell us any more! So its super exciting to see what happens hre in the near future!|

Well no pictures today but next week you will have some fantastic ones. We are going up into the mountains sorta for come cool pictures of the entire city. 

Well i dont know why but I dont really feel like writing today so this will be short.

Had district meeting, the capi zona were not there as they went to the San Remo district, so it was Anz. Smith and I and le sorelle-Sorella Jameson and Sorella Lemos(from Argentina) Our distirct "battle cry" is COSA DESIDERI! 1 Nefi 11:10. Its all aobut figuring out our personal desires and then our simpatizanti desires. We are going to do so by asking "perchè" all the time. I now answer the phone when a district member calls by saying "cosa desiderate?" (what desireth you all) 

had an amazing last zone confrence with president and S.lla Wolfgramm. They have such strong testimonies. Loved it. Plus, our zone was the last zone, so we got the best zone confrence! 

We set a baptismal date for Mario, our equadorian (from Equador....) investigator for the 20th of July! The capi have a baptism the 6th, if passes the interview and the sorelle have onthe last week of the trasfer, the 27th. Whoo! Baptisms! 

Didnt attend any missionary training meeting about new technolgy....but we have heard the Lords work is being moved from the 20the to the 21st century in the very new future!
Its not that hot, I am used to the humitity, Genova has one of the mildest summers in Italy so I got blessed with a good city for the summer and just hope I get amild city for the winter! I can not do a snowy rainy winter again!

Roomates are super great! It is so much fun and I love them all, the capi zona are super bravi! Love it! 

We are on buses all the time. No bikes. I miss the bikes, expecialy the near death expericanes of just riding through town everyday, it was part of the mission fun! hahaha

ps, I hate contacting people on buses, its so awkward for me! Anziano Smith is really good at always talking to people on the bus so he is a great help. 


il vostro missionario, 
Anziano Edwards!!! 

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