Thursday, June 27, 2013

La vita e fragile; Maneggiare con la Preghiera

Email: June 19, 2013

I am doing super duper! Anziano Smith is a great missionary and its fun to work with him.

Pictures are of a random fountan in the city, Anziano Gibbons(glasses) and his companion Anz. Hatch(tall) who are the capi zona and my companion Anziano Smith in the back. We live in a brand new appartment all together. 
We are the missionaries in Genova 1 and we also have two sisters, so 6 missionaries in our ward, yeah, no more branches! The other ward, like 30 min to the other side of the city is Genova 2 and they have three anziani and two sorelle, so 5 missionaries. Genova 2 always have more investigators, batptisms, and lessons. But we have made a deal that we (Genova 1) will be more successfull in the work this trasfer! 

Well, Genova is gigantic! I panic because its so big! haha, I miss my little bike cites and small braches. It is nice to be in a ward, (90) people in church. Church=45 Italians, 40 Equador people, 5 from peru. Then the random eastern europe member. So many south americans, and only 1 African. This city is just different. I am used to Itlaians, and africans with the occassional south american. It will be great. Genova is all south americans, and I love them! 

Favorite food would be a lasagna or carbonara pasta and of course a big plate of tiramisù! Favorite dring would be orzo every evening and sometimes for breakfast or ACE(a type of juice that stands for vitamin A, C and E, its carrots, lemons and orange juices, buona!) 

Portofino is in the zone so we will probaly go, I heard cool things about it. Pisa is not in my zone :( so I will not be going there for now anyways, maybe in a few trasfers. 

The summer is here! No AC just fans, but its not too bad....yet....hahaha 

Every Thursday evening we help serve food to the homless for service. Its a bunch of fun, those people are so greatful and its always funny because the people are just some of the funniest people I have ever met. Love it! 

Missionaries do not pay tithing unless they somehow have an income. We are all suposed to pay fast oferings every fast sunday for the cost of two meals, All the missionaries I know pay a fast offering, it is supposed to come out of our missionariy funds so I dont know why you wouldnt pay just holds back all the blessings if you dont pay!
teaching the word of wisdom (wine and smoking) and chastity is the hardest for people to gain a testimony of. 

The adderss of the curch is via Ceccardi 4 (it is a big bussiness building and the chaple is on the second level and partialy on the thrid) 
Well you are all awesome and  keep on keeping on! Till next week. Ciao!

Remember, " La vita è fragile: Maneggiare con la preghiera" ( said by Pres. Monson I think....)

Anziano Edwards 

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