Thursday, July 4, 2013

The "Magic" Pink Paisley Tie

Email: July 3, 2013

Well life is great! I thought of a way to describe Genova, its very similar to San Fransico, but yet its not even close, Italy is just so differnt. You will just have to come to Italia yourselfs :) 

We have some really cool simpatizzanti:
Mario-from Equador, has a date for the 20th but has missed church and has canceled or just not shown up to lessons, we are really woried about him. He is so cool! He is like 30 years old. 
Rafaele-blind 40 year old Italian, who is SUPER cool, even though he has met with missionaries for years...he is on the climb back up and is keeping commitments, he wants to get baptized so we just have to work a few things out. 
Emmington, from Equador and is just super cool just doest think he has recived his answer even though he loves everythign we frustrating as we explain it all so simply and we indicate or point out the spirit and tell him thats how you are getting your answer.
Guatano-the smartest Italian man in evry sense, religous and just knowledge. Super cool, read the book of mormon like 4 times in two weeks, and loved it, just wont get baptized....ugh!
Ugo-Super awesome young (23) Italian who has been frequenting all othe churches to 'find the truth' I stoped him on the street  my first week here and loves the Book of Mormon so he is super elect, he even asked if he could come to church before we invited him and such a sweet moment was when we gave him the book of Mormon. He was so sincere and thankful for the free book, the called and thanked us some more during the week. He is the perfect investigator as the ward told us to find some young Italian blood for the GANS, the giovani adulti non sposati. 
Francesca-from Africa, but some random spanish speaking country....dont know where....anyways she showed up to hte second lesson with here sister who is Isabel and she is alot more interested, but both wont answer their phones.... :(
All our less actives, meno attivi, are south Americans who feed us always, I have missed good spicy food! Italians never have 'real spicy hot foods' South American meals are a huge perk to Genova. 

All the south Americans speak Itlain perfectly, even the ones who have been here for like 2 months, its so easy for them to learn. I am releaning the spanish with some of the members and less actives for fun. Fun fact, like 99% of the south Americans always say  Porque (spanish), instead of Perchè(Italian). It means why or because. So the3 South Americans speak perfect Itliain except for like that one word, that all of them can never get right as its so similar to Spanish. 

Kate, from South Africa is a member who is in the hospital so we take her the sacrament on sundays. I was wearing my light pink paisly tie and the first thing kate said was "wow anziano, that is one sexy tie!" I was just shocked and said thanks while anziano smith nearly died laughing. She told Anziano Smith to make sure we go directly home so I can change ties so I dont have the Italian girls chasing me. It was really funny, so next week I think I will wear my solid hot pink tie I found in an appartment just to see what she does. :)  Weirdest thing was this week we blessed the sacreament in English (because the the Sorelle visited her and gave her an english BOM as she left hers at home(english is her native language)) It was SUPER weird to bless it in English, sounds so weird to me...

Also, Sunday evening, the last man on the street before we walked into our apartment, I stopped to contact him and he wasnt interested and said he was in a hurry, but mentioned that he liked my pink tie, the paisly one, so i said thanks and mentioned how much I love ties and how I have like a million of them at home....I'm obsessed...Well then he just kept talking and he really opened up and then admitted he talked with the Anziani years ago but lost contact and is interested to hear more and invited us over to his house for dinner and he wants to give us some ties as a free gift! Whoo!!!! Free food, ties, and a new investigator, we should see him this weekend so I will tell you how it goes next week! :) Miracle!!!

The zone leaders dont have a car, the apartment is brand new, and is super nice and clean and large. Small kitchen, our study room, our bedroom, small bathroom, then the capi sleep and study in the biggest room. Pictures next week. :) 

I am not getting fat...just not so skinny...hahaha, the bike does keep you in better shape.

Rumor is for transfers everyone is going to stay put and very few will get transfered. Nothing much is going to change for the first transfer, but in two or three, the mission is going to change completly, not just because of new mission presidnet, but church wide missionary work is going to change. We will see! 

Anziano Smith is from Arizona. He is super dedicated to the work and really funny. He loves to just get out and teach. Its great!

As far as Italian holidays, they are like every other day, its always some popes or preists bithday or some other weird celebration. We did have fireworks on Monday for some pointless reason. 

We usually just teach lessons in the church all day, walk around centro a bit and maybe Corso Itlaia. We usualy dont knock doors, strada is way more effective. The mission standard of excelence is 15 lessons and this week, the district all hit 15 or more. We celebrated as we had 16, the capi zona had 16 and the sorelle had 15, first time we have ever had more lessons than the sorelle. 
Well keep on being awsome and your prayers really do help! I appreciate them! Till next week! 

Con l'amore, 
Anziano Edwards
Me knocking on a private property shed to see if anyone wanted to hear our message, no one was home....hahaha
From our 'hike' last week, a view of the port and part of the city
My district Left to right, Anz. Hatch, Anz. Gibbons(capi zona), Anz. Smith, me, Sorella Jameson who is training S.lla Lamos (from Argentina and speaks english very well, but cant express everything in english and usually speaks Italian)

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