Monday, November 18, 2013

Best Experience of My Life

Email: November 14, 2013

Well about the "hot chocolate" as they call it here, it just different. I love it, but it is super rich so you cant have much of it at a time. Also it is not really liquidy, you can drink it but it is better to eat with a spoon, I miss american hot chocolate becuase it is a perfect thing to just sit and relax with that warms you up. I love sipping hot chocolate. So I guess I would perfer american hot chocolate over Itlain just becuse its more relaxing, and you can have a much of it ever day, where as teh itlaian type if more a a treat every now and again.
Dad, we eat sandwhiches here, but they are super super basic. They never really use sandwhich bread, it is some sort of a roll or personal size peice of bread with one slice of meat, one slice of cheese and sometimes it will have a tiny bit of mayo. Very simple. I love sandwiches with a buch of tomato and lettuce and meat and cheese. Both are tasty though!
I never pack a snack or dinner. I just never am hungy. its weird. Sometimes at night I will have a little snack before bed, but not usually.
No they do not eat those hero/giro greek sandwich that we get at the art festival, i hve never seen them. I have seen a arabic food called a kabap or kabab that are tasty and similar to the sandwhich you are thinking about I think...BOH.
Random stuff that I am not sure if I ever told you...
There is bologna meat here that is super tasty, but its real meat here :)
I was called on in the missionary leader council last week that all the leaders met with preasident dibb and also Elder Teixeria to give a stewardship and best practice report. talk about super scary!
Cool blessing that Elder Teixeria gave to us in the zone confrence, he said " I bless your familes that they will feel the influence of your mission" Question now, do you all feel it?
Well love you tons and tons, sorry the email sucks this week.
Ciao!Hugs and kisses to you all!!!!!! XOXOXOXO
Anziano Edwards
Saluti da Bologna 
I all most forgot to tell you the best news probalby of my mission. I cried.
William went to the temple last week!!!!!! Anz. Pagano called me and told me one evening and yes I shed a few tears standing at the bus stop in the evening waiting for the bus home. I am so happy for him and all I want is to go to the temple one day with him! :D

This is the best experience of my life. I could and NEVER would trade it for anything else. I can not describe it. A mission is just indescribable. I have never felt the love of God, the power of the Atonement of Christ and the desire to help others more than I have for the past year and 3ish months. It is truly incredible. 

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