Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Keep On Keepin' On

Email: November 20, 2013

I have no clue if I will get trasfered. its up to the Lord. :)
The assistents came for a scambio last wednesday so our p day was changed to thursday (just last week).
Well Thanksgiving is on transfer day so it messes things up. In Bologna, we have one one American Family who have invited us up to their second home in the mountains if we have time with all the trasfer confusion. There is another American who married an Italian, our ward missino learer in fact and they alway combine thanksgiving with the other family. On pday, the day before trasfers, so next p day, we are planning on maybe having some type of thangiving with the Anziani in the zone and maybe play some football. Nothing is confirmed yet though.
Well not much to tell you this last was kind boring. We have not been teaching much due apartment stuff. The Sr. Couple from Milano, The Burgers (she is Italian, he is American) called monday morning and said we had to help them ove in and set up the entire new appartment for the sorelle.that will come next week! Bologna gets sisters! It has been 15 years since there were sorelle in Bologna. I was on Scambio in ferrara so I didnt have to put together all the Ikea stuff, but this weekend we have to supervise the kitchen workers and then another time we have to deal the the plumbera and electrical guys so the appartment can have utilities. I an mot looking forward to dealing with will take basicaly our whole day because we have to travel to the new appartment and wait for the keitchen delevery guys and make sure thy dont ding the walls ect, and make sure it gets put in the richt place in the kitchen. Thy will arive 'sometime in the morring...' on friday...who knows if they will ever show up...I will let you know how it goes!
Other than that big news, I was cold, but then it heated back up and it warm today. Chruch was cool. Life is good, trasfer news on MOnday for leadership positions, it not, we will hear on Tuesday.

Love you tons and tons!
Anziano Edwards

sorry, compuer sucks so no pictures this week :(
Mission Leadership Council with Elder Teixeria. A.J. is in the center just behind Elder Teixeria; next to Sister Dibb
Picture borrowed from the Milan Italy Mission Blog

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