Friday, September 13, 2013

Bologna, Big Improvement, and Growth

Email: September 11, 2013

Bologna is a bus city, which mean it is a big city :( I dislike the big cities! But big city=a big branch or a ward so that is always a help and a benefit :)

As capo zona I travel to Milano the first Monday of each month and we get trained on the months focus by president and the assistents, then that week on thursday we as zone leaders hold a zone meeting and we teach all the zone members. 
We collect the weeks numbers from the district leaders and then input them all into the computer to the assistents(lesson count, progressing simps, referals, baptism al dates and baptisms ect.)

We then help teach and train in zone meeting which are 1 each trasfer except for this trasfer because Elder Teixierà is coming to the mission the 22-24 of oct. That will be really good! We are all really excited.
We have a ward, but a really small one, like 65 maybe in church. 
In my zone, there are 3 cities, and some cities have more than one companionship:
Bologna (me) 
Bologna 2
Reggio Emilio 1
Reggio Emilio 2
Reggio Emilio Sorelle
Modena 1
Modena 2
I live in 4 and its really fun. My room mates are great! The Itlaian is from Taranto. All great missionaries. 
Cool sutff is in Bologna we are appartment shopping. as soon as we find one and get it approved, and bought, we will have 1 or maybe 2 companionships of sorelle here in Bologna! 
All are really young except for a few missionaries. A few people in training. So in total there are 14 anziai and 
Bologna is a really old city and is famous for having the most arches and cover walkways in the world. Nearly all sidewalks are covered with arches. 
We had a car, but we had to give it up and now the capi zona in Torino have our car :( I did drive in Italy before we had to give it away and we didnt die! hahaha, Italian driving is crazy but super fun.
Exciting news in Italy! The temple in rome is going to be done in 2015...its takes for ever to build anything here, plus the temple in Rome is HUGE and super super super amazing. So much cool things there! It will make an impact in the world, it already has. Plus, it is located right in the middle of Rome. :) But the best part is on Sunday, there will be a second stake opened in rome, it will split from one into two! The true church is growing! I think Elder Ballard will be comming over for it. I dont remember which quarm of the 12 will be in Italy this weekend. 
25% of the missionaries are being trained, aka, the mission is full of super young missionaries. 4 went home last week and 30ish came to replace them!
Some mission stats, when I came last year, there were 7 zones I think, now there are 10. There were 130 missionaries, now we have 234ish. This last trasfer (6 weeks) we had like 25 baptims. Last year we averaged just under 2 baptims a missionary and now we average like 3. Not sure on that one 100%....
Well I am loving life and the mission is the best thing ever!
Love your favorite missionary ;)
Anziano Edwards
There are these things that look like legos and they are all over teh city to advertize for some art show somthing or another. I like them just because thay are like gigantic legos! 
Last p-day with Anziano Gainer
Roberto and Angela, our gelato guys, thay gave us gelato cheap because we went alot....maybe like average of 4 times a week...maybe once a day....hahaha gelato is super good and plus these two are maybe the coolest Italians in Genova. Also, they would try to teach us Genovese(the dialect oin Genova) 
People from my MTC group. My group is 5 sorelle and 5 anziani.
We alstarted trasfer 9. 4 of the 5 sorelle are traveling trainer sorelle and 3 (one not pictured) of us anziani are zone leaders! Fun stuff! 
Worn out Shoes

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