Friday, August 1, 2014

Watermelon, Giant Bales of Hay, and a Stick

Email: July 30, 2014

This week was good. Things to note include 
-watermellon for .19 a kilo. aka we buy a 10ish kilogram watermellon every day and eat it! They are amazing but I am getting sick. Not sick of them, but eating pounds and pounds of watermellon a week isnt the smartest thing I ever did...but we are still going strong this next week! 
-We received some documents we needed so our envestigator can be baptised. Mission President will look at them in the next day or so then he should be baptized in the following week after he is interviewed. It is sad because I will mostlikvnkl òvn fhasdlfh aweofhasdlòfkjsdlkfjasdlkfjasdpkfjsdklfsdjklfhasduopfhasdklòfasdklòjfhasdiljfh efhasdklfhsdjkldfdsfsdj(sorry, I just entered into a random typing war with the other elders....) I will most likley not be here to see him baptized, but hey, thats all right! The other investigators in the city have all pushed their dates back for one reason or another. The work is going forward non the less and its super exciting! 

Well this trasfer pres. changed some mission rules and order and one of the changes was trafer calls. Everyone will now receive their trasfer calls saturday, insead of monday or tuesday which is awesome because we can tell member in church the thurday before trasfers, Dosnt effect me, but it was super exciting and I dont thing I ever mentioned it a few weeks ago. 

Well I am sick of writing emails and am just excited to come home and tell you all the stories and picures! 
One week!
Anziano Edwards!!!!!!!!!

The Assistants called so I talked to them on a big bail of hay!
Then, for more time than was necessary,  we took a dozen funny pictures with me and some hay! Super random, but fun! So I took one of me and a stick :)

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