Thursday, July 11, 2013

How Missionaries Stay Happy & Positive

Email: July 10, 2013

Well no pictuers, I forget my card to usb reader at home. Next week I will remember hopfully. 

Its hot and we have hit mid 30s this week, with 3000% humidity. Its hot and I never knew I could sweat, and the best news is it is not even August, the month when its blistering hot and humid and also all the whole country goes on a three week vacationa and ever busy city becomes a ghost town.....Genova might be where everyone goes though....we willl see! 

Yes we have an english class, every Wed at 19:00. Its super fun, we teach the conversational class, basically we just talk with them 99% in English, le sorelle teach the basic class. We are really trying to get one man to meet with us, but he is moving to London soon, so hopefully the missionaries there find him. 

No fire works for the 4th of July :(, but they did go off on the 3rd of July, no idea why....I guess the city didnt have antything else to do. Boh!

I was cutting some potaotes up for lunch last week. I am now missing a good chuck of flesh off my left hurt. Quite bad too. It is healing fine though. No worries, I hope it leaves a cool scar and you can all see it. 

Mission changes! We all need to get rid of back packs soon and only use shoulder bags and we are no longer servents of the Lord, but Executives of the Lord. Um, President said we will be staying longer in each of our cities. And in 2014, we all get tablets and fancy stuff as technolgy missionaries for the 21st century. Fun stuff! 

the capi zona baptized on saturday, we had our investigator mario there and he loved it!
In church, our companionship and 6 people in church, our baptismal date, and three people for the first time, plus two other progressing investigators. 

Genova is a miracle city, too many to tell you! 

Love you, we have to go and buy gelato and I used all my time email others. You can blame Angie and dad for taking all of my time....

Missions are the coolest thing ever and Presidente Dibb is different but great, he was a lawyer for sure, definitely shows! Sorella Dibb is nervous and so loving, miss the wolfgramms so you can visit them for me.

Love you all!


Mi state bene! 

Email #2:
Its weird how seemingly random things come and random times but then you look back and you can just notice how much your loving Heavenly Father knows and cares about you. I have such a strong testimony about the Lord answering prayer though others, there has been times walking down the street, teaching investigators, campanions, talks in church, just everywhere that I get prayers answered because someone says something. Its fun to see how stange the Lord answers prayers, rarely how I would have wanted or thought. Its great!

yes time ZOOMS PAST FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT. its crazy, and I hate it. Everyone says that the first year of your mission is slow and the second half just goes by in the blink of and eye so I should be prepared to live up every second. Well....bad news, the first half of my mission has allready flown by so that mean that my second half nonexistant...ahhhh! So scary to think that my mission is nearly half over, just a few short weeks! I hate it! I just want to stay here doing this forever, but I know two years is my time and Aug 2014, as I keep being worthy and obediant and hard working, that end day will be happy and exciting, not becuase I miss America and my friends and family, but I feel you shouldnt fear the end day of you mission if you serve worthy and do what you should do every day. Bitter sweet I guess in a way. 

What do I do so stay positive and am I really always happy and positive as my email sound? Well yeah for the most part I am always happy and upbeat, the hard moments come but I stay positive, usually always, but I do make my emails sound alot happier and better. I dont lie, but I leave many stories, and thoughts and detials out....Crazy things happen to missionaries, I am lucky and havent had too many super crazyt things, but my journal hears the real stuff. The world is crazy, italy is not like home, people often times hate you, like HATE you, even though I have the best message they can ever hear and accept, I walk into random houses, go into scary places, do simply said, crazy and weird things. I love being a missionary. But let me tell you, the gift of discernment is real and it totaly necessary tot he work, knowing investigators needs, and being told whre and what to say, and being told by someone with out a body, my heavenly messangers what houses and doors not to enter into even though they invite you in or just to not even knock and all. Cool but scary story: walking around talking and trying to enter into houses and appartment complexes and something told me not to ring this one bell, so I didn't. Wasnt sure why as it was a really nice house and things pointed  to having a family, the one thing you want as a missionary! Well we didnt, my companion was kind of upset, but then as we were down to the next house/building, I felt awful inside, like physical pain, then one of the most scary things I have felt I saw the man who lived there. He looked like a normal Italian father, but there was just a really bad feeling and it was just a conformation that I was good and didnt knock. I dont know what would or whouldnot have happed but I am glad I dint even talk to him. The devil is real. The Lord portects me and all missionaries and all his children if they heed the small and quiet promptings. I ask you to always be ready and willing to acknowledge his promptings and have the faith. 

To stay positve, I just smile, even when I hate it. I have a fake smile often, but then it changes into a real smile and I am once again positive and happy. A good companion, being joined by the spirit helps everything. 

Go jump in a pool for me. Biggest temptation is that stupid beach! Looks so refreshing! Even worse when you have members tell you about how they jog along the street you always do finding work on(called Corso Italia) aka the boardwalk, and then jump in the ocean after they are hot and sweaty. I just get hot and sweaty and get to keep walking. I miss the ocean and pool, just great way to stay in shape and cool off. 

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