Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It is More Blessed to Give than to Receive

Email: February 12, 2014

Go check out"" We had a member from Vicenza(who was the branch mission leader when I served there) who is involved with this world side study of how to make your community/couintry/world better.He and and two other non members gave the presentation where membes and a bunch of nonmembers from the community came for this little fire-side thingy which was held in our chaple her in Bologna this week. Anyways I really enjoyed it and and they took a picture at the end and they said it will be posted on this web site so see if you can find me!

Attached it the picture of my zone. We had zone trianing on monday in Padova. It was a blast! Really successfull and the zone loved the training! We trained on better use of Preach My Gosple and the on establishing Family Mission Plans! Fun stuff!

Quick little scripture from Acts 20:35 "it is more blessed to give than to receive" AMEN!

Friday we had consiglio della missione as mission leaders in Milano which was fantastic. I saw 4 of the 5 sorelle missionarie that are in my MTC group becuase they are all sister trainig leaders (aka a sister zone leader but not as much responsibility as zone leaders have) but they all go home next week! AGH! its weird to think their mission is over and mine will soon be over too!
We then rode with the Venezia Zone leaders to Padova in their car, lucky zone leaders!, to have our fancy monthly meeting with the stake Pres., High Council representitive for missionary work and then Pres. Dibb too! Pres. Dibb attended via Skype(so he is now my skype friend ;) ) and the Stake pres couldnt attend so he will next month. We discussed and reported on missionary work in the Venezia Stake and it was really effect and justd great! We have the coolest leaders in our stake! There is alot of good and exciting stuff happening here in theVenezia Stake and in Italy. Pres. Dibb mentioned  multiple times of how "the Brethren" aka apostles and area leaders, are visiting the mission this year, he wouldnt tell us who though! and he has been meeting with many of them as well. Pres. Dibb said he couldnt tell us too much but exciting things are in store for Italy and for Europe for the church! 

That was basically my week. Nothing else super exciting, just good old misionary work in the rain! There is blue sky today, I havent seen that for weeks it seems!

Well remember how much I love you becuse it is a bunch! 


Love your truly positive, healthy and HAPPY missionary! 
Life is great! Tell those other missionaries in the ward to lighten up, stop being so sick and have some fun and delight in the small successes!!!!

Ciao tutti! Vi voglio bene!

Anziano Edwards!

ps I am going to the American military base in Vicenza today for p-day and then we will be on companionship exchanges with Anz. Pagano (distrit leader) and his companion anz Smith, who has onyl been a missionary in the feild for about 5 weeks and is a a little ball of energy and hard work!

ciao di nuovo! 
Zone after Training
Pizza Party with our English Class
Yummy Mexican Food Restaurant that one of our less actives took us to the other evening.  Indeed we are VERY grateful for him.
Anziano Miles when he ate Balut - it is a Philippine dish which is a partially boiled duck egg. Yes, you eat the entire thing. I want to try it!
A member took pictures of us missionaries during our street display (aka la mostra stradale)

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