Thursday, November 1, 2012

Valoroso in Vicensa

Email: October 24, 2012

Well dont have much time. 
On monday was our district meeting, so just us in Vecenza and the companionship in Padova. Small distrct but we are awesome. We then did a scambio(exchange) I went to Padova with Anzino Hymas. He is halfway through with is mission. He is the funniest Anziano! We had a blast and learned so much even thought we only had finding work for the entire afternoon and evenig....long but well worth it. We found and taught this super old lady the first lesson sorta and when we were trying to get a return appointment she said friday would work as long as she is not dead. hahhaha, she is a crazy and super funny old lady, she has a good sense of humor for sure!
   Well we are off to catch the 11:00 train to Padova for p-day. Going to have lunch with one of their members and play risk and maybe some basketball. Padova, from what I could tell from my scambio was that it is so nice! Its a bigger city and just full of crazy scooter drivers! It was a fancier and more wealthy city. I loved it there, not to mention their GIGANTIC apartment! It had 5 rooms! and all the rooms were very big! They are so lucky! Their ppartment is on the bigger side and mine in Vicenza is one of the smaller ones in the mission. I hate small areas! I need open space, but yeah


Well some more info and to answer your questions.
I am in Padova now just waiting for the Anziani here to come and pick us up in 30 or so minutes so we jumped back on the internet.
Anywho, the weather is good, not cold but not hot. Last week it was really cold but currently it is decent. With our suits on it is perfect, the nights get cold though so I usually put a sweater on in the evening.
I am still a skinny boy, although I am pushing the 60 kilo mark on our scale and it seems to be accurate, so maybe im not that skinny...haha. I have found that I am not eating as heathly as i should even though I found some delicious 'healthy' cereal my collega calls bird food. Its so great, from germany. But today during speza (shopping) I got a bunch of good food.
  Story: Anes a new member from Africa, like 1 or two years member put his mission papers in two weeks ago and is waiting for his call. Anyways, he got hit by a car on his bike and we went and saw him in the hospital. That was crazy! I told my collega, unless I am diying and blood is everywhere, dont take me there. Anes got there at 11 am and didnt leave until midnight. He was bumps and bruises and really sore but nothing bad. The doctors and nurses dont really care about much it seems, they dont work super hard for the most part. Everyone gets a wrist band-white, yellow, or red or black depending on how much you are dying and even the people bad off, have to wait for ever. Plus the hospital in Vicenza is a good and nice one supposedly and it was just way differnt from the US for sure. Yeah, it was a shock to say the least. Wow is all I was thining the whole time like, 4 hours we were there as branch president(bishop basically as they have branches not wards) wanted us to stay with him for some reason. Yeah it was a long day.

Keep being awesome and know of my love! :) I am loving it here and doing great desipte this last week only getting 9 total lessons. Lets just say in general pushing all the time, africans dont have much of an idea of time. We had days with 4-6 lessons only to have them all canceled or now shows, it was rough but I know is going to be better this week. All about the attitude.

With so dang much love from Italy,
Anziano Edwards

The Mission home the first night with all of us new Milan missionaries

My Collega-Anz. Moore, me and Pres and Sis Wolfgramm

President and Sister Wolfgramm and Me

New Milan Missionaires

a buch of my TINY appartment. we have the small kitchen and desks

then hallway with laundry and bathroom

then our bedroom

It serves its purpose just super super small.

Random Picture of Italy #1

Random Picture of Italy #2

Random Picture of Italy #3

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