Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween from Italy!!!

Email: October 31, 2012

It is cold! Simple as that. On sunday a member said it was 6 degrees C outside. Not fun. But my coat is fantastic. Shirt, tie, sweater, double layer coat and then of course a scarf. I love scarfs! So stylish and SO warm! Fantastic. The members and and locals are saying this winter is goging to be cold. It has come early and will be really cold...and so bring it on! It will be a blast! The top half of you is so warm and the bottom is just your pants so it kinda gets a lot cold.
 Anyways, Italy is awesome and so are our members and investigators. We have two investigators, Lilly (Italian, well from Brazil) and Enjoy (American) both with baptismal dates on nov 10th, but we may end up pushing Lilly's back a week or so, we will see. They are both so dang awesome. In fact, Enjoy took us to breakfast today as it was my colllega's birthday today on halloween. Italians celebrate halloween but nothing like america, nothing is even decorated-random fact.
 I have not got any letters yet as they are sent to the mission office in Milano and i will get them when we have zone confrences every transfer(6 weeks) or when a travling assistant or president is in town or around and they give mail to the district leader. So I will get my mail every 6 weeks or maybe sooner sometimes. Letters will always get to the office, its just sending letters around italy it may or may not get there. So dont worry about letters really and packages are fine but often times opened and then there will be random customs charges usually which I guess can be really expensive.
 Today for p day we went to the mall. I bought two ties and a scarf :)
 Bike update: the office approved a new bike so we went and started looking for new bikes and the owner said that he would just fix it for like €40 in stead of a new, used bike for €70-90. So we are going to get it fixed later this week, yippee! The back breaks dont work, the back tire is so super wiggly and the chain skips and just sucks and the front breaks now rub and dont release. It makes it fun to ride....
 My collega is so great, super helpful and just great!
 We have district meetings every monday and a scambio(exchange) usually twice a transfer and so we had our second one this past monday. I was with Anz. Pectol and went to Padova again as I dont really know how to get around this city. I love padova, it is such a great city, its bigger and just different. I always think to myself "wow, this is not america, at all!" Its just so different here, I love it!
 Well best of luck with everything, I always have you in my prayers.
Con amore,
Anziano Edwards!!!
Sorry no pictures this week. Next week!

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