Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Keep Smiling!

Email: April 17, 2013

May 1st I will know If I get transferred, I hope so! I love Udine and all but want to leave the north east of Italy!

Well branch president, Presidente Bressan, met with Wiliam on sunday and then he can to us and said we are really good teachers and he is impressed on william knowledge, testimony and everything! We love William. We are setting up the font, its a temporary one saturday at 1:30, and staying for 4 ours while we watch it fill up and monitor the temperature. We run a garden hose from upstairs in the kitchen out the window and through a bottom window to fill it up, it takes 4 hours to fill up I guess. While we wait, we will have  a lesson with Marta in chruch, order some pizza and make some brownies for the baptism at 6.

There is this old Italian man who rides around in his electric chair thingy and last week, the first time we saw him he said without an Italian accent, "keep smiling!", well the other day, we saw him again and he yelled "Hello boys! Remember to keep smiling!" He says it in perfect english, he is so awesome! Makes my day!

Best week ever! Set a baptismal date for the 8th of June with Marta, Willaim is getting baptized at 6pm on Saturday! Its warm! high of 18! New investigator Benedetto, really smart medical school student, he speaks really good englsih and is always correcting our Italain. He is super awesome!

Going to Cividale for Pday, next week you will have some super cool pictures.

um...i love you all and this Church is true!


Anziano Edwards!

Pictures are: doing finding work,(casa) in Cividale, the coolest little city in Italy, its where William and our mission leader lives. My new ties from Firenze! The great thing about sr couples are you give them $ when they go on vacation and they buy you a buch of Italian ties! Mi piace tanto! The third picture is on some "pocet Coffee" On of our investigators, Marta, saw us on the street and asked if I wanted it, I said no but she insisted and stuck it in my shirt pocket...I think I am going to give it to one of the homeless guys on the street.

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